12 May 2016

Red velvet cake pops with sprinkles

The weather is starting to get really upsetting here in Milan. Last week it was really warm and sunny and all of a sudden this week everything has became dark and gloomy. Isn’t it supposed to be May? Last year this week I was wandering around town in my favorite jean jacket and now I have to get out of the house with my winter coat on. Seasons are really […]
7 May 2016

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!

Hey guys! If you follow me on facebook you know that a couple of days ago I created a poll asking you guys what cake you wanted me to bake next. The choice was between a banoffee cake and a red velvet cake and the majority of you voted for the red velvet cake! I was soo happy that you guys chose the red velvet because i had never made it. […]
17 April 2016

Chocolate cream cheese plumcake!

Summer is coming and the thought of having to wear a bathing suit in front of someone makes me shiver. Unfortunately I have a really slow methabolism which means that every single unhealthy thing I eat gets stuck on my hips and calves. I’ve been struggling with my weight for my entire life and I’ve been trying to get on the healthy wagon and start eating healthy and working out […]
2 April 2016

Fudgy hazelnut brownies and shortbread Millionaires!

Easter has come and gone already and the only thing that has left behind is the crazy amount of chocolate leftovers. I know that after the holodays, especially Easter for some reason, a lot of people feel like it is ready to get strated with brand new healthy habits and get rid of all the sweets and treats that we have let in our home. This is something that I’m […]
22 March 2016

Toscakaka – Swedish almond cake with a twist

Hello everyone. Spring is finally here and I can’t wait to start experimenting with all the typical spring flavours in my next desserts. I love this time of year. The trees are all lovely and green and the flowers start blooming. And the best thing is… It’s strawberry season again! With all these new flavours to work with, I was a little confused and uninspired. I was trying to find […]
16 March 2016

My version of Red Velvet Muffins!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I have been super busy with exams and university that I didn’t even have time to breath. I honestly missed writing blog posts and taking pictures. I love it so much and reading your comments really brithens up my day. But now I’m all finished and ready to get back in full rythm. Also the easter holidays are just around […]
27 February 2016

Dark chocolate and salted caramel tart

I am not particularly fond of caramel. Usually whenever I have to bake something I always go for something super chocolaty and spongy, but this time one of my ex-roommates came to visit me and asked me to bake something with caramel. My first thought was OMG what am I going to bake? That’s when i decided to go and take a look at Donal Skehan’s blog. He is an […]
21 February 2016

Valentine’s cake – White chocolate and strawberries!

Valentine’s day has come and gone and even though I always say that we should celebrate love everyday, I love making my valentine’s day extra fancy and super sweet. This year me and my boyfriend decided that we weren’t going out for dinner and that we wouldn’t buy each other any present. That’s because on our last day in Budapest we went on a beautiful cruise on the Danube, where […]
19 February 2016

I left my heart in Budapest…

On February the 8th my boyfriend and I flew to Hungary for a couple of days. We got to Budapest without any expectations. We honestly thought we were going to spend a nice and relaxing vacation in a nice hotel, but we could have never imagine that we would fall in love with this beautiful city. I loved everything about Budapest. I fell in love with the beautiful buildings, the […]