20 January 2016

Winter style picks – Burgundy queen

Winter is probably my favorite season. I love wearing big cozy scarves and floppy hats. When people ask me where do I see myself in 40 years, my answer is always the same. Sat on a big comfy chair right by the fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket whilst reading a book and sipping a cup of hot chocolate. And did I mention that in my vision outside would probably […]
8 January 2016

New Kiko, L’Oréal and Maybelline products!

I rarely talk about makeup on my blog. Sometimes I try to throw in a few beauty related posts here and there but the majority of my posts, as you may have noticed, are about baking. Let’s say that when I talk about recipes and baking I’m in my confort zone. I love baking. I’ve been baking my whole life or at least since I can remember and writing about […]
23 December 2015

Nyx Haul – New opening in Milan!

Since I started watching makeup tutorials on youtube, I always got very frustrated when all these beauty gurus were telling you to buy products that here in Italy I just couldn’t get a hold of. NYX is one of those brands that are very difficult to find in Italy. When I moved to Milan, I finally thought ‘yes! There are so many beuty stores here that I’ll finally be able to […]
18 December 2015

Beauty bits – Urban Decay Smoky Palette!

I love December so much. Not only because there’s Christmas and every one feels festive and happy, but also because my birthday is in December. I mean who doesn’t love their birthday month? I get really excited in December. My birthday comes and i get to celebrate it with all my friends, than there’s Christmas and hopefully some snow maybe? Every year I hope that on Christmas would start snowing […]
30 September 2015

Skin care essentials

When it comes to skin care I’m always on the hunt for some new products. Like I said in my beauty routine blog post, my skin has always been a nightmare. Since i was fairly young, I started noticing that my skin was quite oily and every morning I would wake up to find another huge spot right on my forehead or my chin. I never really knew what to do […]
7 August 2015

Summer essentials – Gold and light blue

I am a very boring person when it comes to colour selection during the winter. I am the kind of girl who would always wear whites and blacks for every occasion. Black ripped skinny jeans with a white and black top, black leather booties and black coat to top it all off. So when it comes to summer I try to play more with colours. This summer I have become […]