5 September 2016

The best birthday cake? Chocolate Oreo Cake!!

Birthdays. The best and worst days of the year. Depends on which side you are on, of course. I usually love birthdays. I am one of those people who loves to buy presents for other people. If I’m out and about with a friend, and they say something like “look at that, I woul love it!” I write it down on my Iphone, so that when their birthday comes around […]
27 August 2016

Ever heard of Banoffee pie cake?

I swear the baking posts will end one day. OH well, who am I kidding? The only thing I can do is trying to squeeze a few beauty or lifestyle related posts here and there. I have to be honest though, I’ve been going through a  lack of creativity phase. Whenever I have to take a picture, wether it is for a cake or for a beauty post, I don’t […]
17 August 2016

The best blueberry lemon cake ever!

  A few weeks ago, one of my roommates invited me to her graduation. Since we’ve been living together for only a few months, I didn’t know what to get her as a present. Usually here in Italy, graduations are quite a special and important moment and most of all I wanted her to remember that day with a smile on her face. That’s when I tought that instead of […]
5 July 2016
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Mississipi mud pie – #Summerbaking

I had never heard about this cake before I actually made it last week. And it’s definetly going to be in my top 10 most delicious cakeS list. Be warned though. If you are looking for a light summery cake, this is definetly not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I love baking fruity cakes that are light and fresh in the summer, especially when it’s super hot and you […]
26 June 2016

Peaches and Vanilla coffee cake – #Summerbaking

Summer is finally here and I’m so excited for my next holiday in August. My boyfriend and I are going to Sicily and I can’t wait to relax and tan in the sun. Where do you guys usually go on holiday? My dream holiday would be going to Santorini in Greece. I would love to walk around the cubbled street and the white and blue houses. But for now Sicily sounds […]
15 June 2016

New York Cheesecake with mascarpone and strawberries

Belive it or not this was the first time I made a baked cheesecake. If you had asked me a few years ago if I liked cheesecake, I would have probably said no. I just didn’t like the idea of eating cream cheese with something sweet. I used to associate cheese with savory things but when I tasted this cheesecake I was totally sold. It’s so creamy and fluffy and […]
26 May 2016

Mini Lemon cheesecakes with Lemon curd

Have you ever had a really bad week? Or a really bad day? Some times there are some days were I feel depressed and the only thing I would like to do is curl up in my bed and never get up. Last week it happened to my boyfriend. Every time I called him he sounded more depressed and anxious. Unfortunately we do not live togethere, so I couldn’t be […]
12 May 2016

Red velvet cake pops with sprinkles

The weather is starting to get really upsetting here in Milan. Last week it was really warm and sunny and all of a sudden this week everything has became dark and gloomy. Isn’t it supposed to be May? Last year this week I was wandering around town in my favorite jean jacket and now I have to get out of the house with my winter coat on. Seasons are really […]
7 May 2016

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!

Hey guys! If you follow me on facebook you know that a couple of days ago I created a poll asking you guys what cake you wanted me to bake next. The choice was between a banoffee cake and a red velvet cake and the majority of you voted for the red velvet cake! I was soo happy that you guys chose the red velvet because i had never made it. […]